It's because I love Pulp, this album and its cover that I could't resist drawing it. The art direction of the photos in
the album is by the american painter John Currin and the design by Peter Saville.

Working on...


Hi everyone! I'm sorry about the lack of posting, but I've been away and having a terrible internet connection. I'll
post some pictures soon of what I'm up at the moment. Have a great weekend!

Paper seasons

These are some videos we made for the University TV. When working on this project we decided to introduce the
analog element into the screen by working with papers and crafts. The main objective was to generate funny and
fresh pieces, which would differ from what we are used to watch on TV. Hope you like them!
Collaboration: Pablo Funcia, Anna Raga, Marina Senabre and Álvaro Sanchis.

Working process

These are some photos of what I'm up to right now. I'll post the result soon!
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