New lens

These are some random photos from last month taken with my brand new 50 mm 1.4 lens. So happy with it! (The third
pic is by my dearest friend Alicia).

Marquise de Merteuil

From the book Les Liaisons Dangereuses.


I took these photos a year ago with a cheap waterproof disposable camera and I've just had the film developed. The use-by
date of the film passed in 2007 so I guess that's the reason for the blurry effect which, by the way, I love.


"Julio se ha consumido, pronto se consumirá agosto; de repente en una mañana llena de rocío el gran espectro
nos hará temblar al salir del amarillo follaje. De repente noviembre barrerá el bosque. De pronto el espectro reirá,
de pronto se nos helará el corazón, de pronto se nos caerá de los huesos la querida carne rosada, (...)".

El último verano de Klingsor. Herman Hesse.


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