Hi everyone! So sorry for the lack of posting! I moved to London a month ago and it's been a bit crazy since then, not having 
much spare time. London is a great and inspiring city, so many things to do here! Any tips from those who are from London 
or have lived here? I'd love to know!! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Lo Quiero Ahora

This print of one of my new illustrations is being sold at Lo Quiero Ahora. It is a new online store which sell prints by illustrators 
all around the world, mounted in frames made of 80% recycled material. Hope you like it!
Láminas de esta nueva ilustración están a la venta en Lo Quiero Ahora. Es una nueva tienda online donde se pueden 
adquirir láminas de ilustradores de todo el mundo, montadas en marcos fabricados con un 80% de materiales reciclados. 
¡Espero que os guste! (Foto:

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