Keep on working

Another sneak peak of the process of my final studies project. When designing, I usually make small prototypes to see if
the layout works out, as the one in the first pic. Photos of the finished project coming soon!

Federico Ribas

Beautiful illustrations by Federico Ribas (Vigo, 1890-Madrid, 1952).

Nabokov Covers by Pentagram

Illustrations by Agnès Decourchelle (Ada or Ardor), Masumi Briozzo (Transparent Things, Look at the Harlequins), Christina
Christoforou (Nikolai Gogol), Michael Gillette (Lolita) and Slawa Harasymowicz (Despair).

Working on...

Hello everybody! Here's a sneak peek at a new illustration I'm working on. Hope you all had a nice weekend!


Melancholia. 2011. Lars von Trier.

I've just seen the latest film by Lars von Trier and I just loved it. I usually like Lars von Trier cinema (although Antichrist was
too much for me), but this one has become a favourite. As a lover of Pre-Raphaelites and Romantic paintings I enjoyed all
the references in the film, and the images altogether with Wagner music gave me goosebumps. So, for those who haven't
watched the film yet, I really recommend it; so inspiring!

Work in process

These are some photos of the working process of my final studies project. At the moment I'm working at a stage which is
quite fun: choosing papers and testing. Unfortunately, I won't be able to show you the finished project till december.
Meanwhile, hope you enjoy this sneak peek!


"La belleza será convulsiva o no será". "Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all". Nadja. André Breton.

Work in process

A sneak peak of a new illustration I'm working on. Have a great weekend!

Low cost stationery

I've got a stamp made and I've been working on new cards.
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