The Invisibility of Design (III)

Last but not least, the photos of the third booklet. This one summarizes the main keys for creating good desing (1: Self-criticism;
2: Enduring; 3; Theory; 4: Design and society; 5: Sustainability; 6: Experimentation). Hope you like it!

The Invisibility of Design (II)

New Year's Eve Chocolates

I'll be eating some homemade and good looking chocolates to celebrate the New Year's Eve.
Happy (and sweet) New Year to everyone!

The Invisibility of Design

Finally I can show you the photos of my final studies project The Invisibility of Design. The relationship between Design and
Society. It's a investigation about what perception has Spanish society about Design and what might be the causes of a certain
invisibility of the profession. The photo above shows the publication of the theoretical part. I bind it myself as you can see in
the photo below; the sewing part is hidden by the cover.
The project also has a practical part which consists on three booklets which summarize the main keys of the investigation.
In the photos below you can see the first booklet which is titled Design (Non-) Perception and it shows designers and non-
designers opinions. The layout and the design both show the duality between both groups and how they agree and disagree
at some points. As I don't want you to get bored of so many photos I'll post the pics of the others booklets another day.
Hope you like it!

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a great time these holidays and get invited to all the parties ;)

Henri Rousseau

The Football Players.
Myself Portrait Landscape | The wedding.
View of the Bridge at Sevres.
Child with a puppet.

Exotic landscape.

Henri Rousseau (1844-1910).


Another film recommendation for today. Restless is directed by another of my favourite film directors. It is about life, love and
death and, although it has the same subject matter as others films by van Sant (Elephant, Last Days, Paranoid Park, Gerry...)
it's very different from them. Touching, very sad but optimistic at the same time. Very recommended indeed.

New in the Shop

Set of four different postcards. You can take a look here.


"It need hardly be said that the subtlest practitioners of doublethink are those who invented doublethink and know that
it is a vast system of mental cheating. In our society, those who have the best knowledge of what is happening are also
those who are furthest from seeing the world as it is. In general, the greater the understanding, the greater the delusion:
the more intelligent, the less sane".

"For if leisure and security were enjoyed by all alike, the great mass of human beings who are normally stupefied by
poverty would become literate and would learn to think for themselves; and when once they had done this, they would
sooner or later realise that the privileged minority had not function, and they would sweep it away. In the long run,
a hierarchical society was only possible on basis of poverty and ignorance".

1984, George Orwell.
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