The Invisibility of Design

Finally I can show you the photos of my final studies project The Invisibility of Design. The relationship between Design and
Society. It's a investigation about what perception has Spanish society about Design and what might be the causes of a certain
invisibility of the profession. The photo above shows the publication of the theoretical part. I bind it myself as you can see in
the photo below; the sewing part is hidden by the cover.
The project also has a practical part which consists on three booklets which summarize the main keys of the investigation.
In the photos below you can see the first booklet which is titled Design (Non-) Perception and it shows designers and non-
designers opinions. The layout and the design both show the duality between both groups and how they agree and disagree
at some points. As I don't want you to get bored of so many photos I'll post the pics of the others booklets another day.
Hope you like it!


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